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The Israeli Regional Initiative (IRI), formerly the Israeli Peace Initiative (IPI) or Yozmim

IRI is a non-partisan Israeli NGO believes that by enlisting regional stakeholders conflict resolution in the area a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians can be reached. IRI educates Israeli government officials and decision makers at all levels that the best, most realistic and practical option can be achieved by creating mutually beneficial partnerships. The IRI paradigm emanated from the Saudi-Arab Initiative which operates under the assumption that it is in the best interests of all pragmatically led countries in the region that by working together they can ensure security, provide stability and promote economic growth of all. Advocates and supporters represent all sides,  Left, Right and Center and Right covering a variety of backgrounds and sectors including business, diplomatic, military, academic, media, and social activists. A YRF grant was provided in 2016 in support of IRI activities. For further information on IRI, please go to https://www.yozmim.org/en/

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